Dr.A.Lakshmanan is currently working as Professor and Head, Department of Nano Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore with 24 years of teaching, research and extension experience. He had obtained 18 externally funded projects with a total out lay of around INR. 1900 lakhs.  Most of the projects have been intra disciplinary involving teamwork to address issues pertaining to Bio & Nano remediation, Climate change adaptation and Biosafety of engineered nano devices.        Prepared two policy manuals – “Climate change and Adaptation in Agriculture and Water sectors´ for the states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana as a result of ClimaAdapt projects research activities. Many of the suggestions are mentioned in the Tamil Nadu State Action Plan on Climate change.

Attended Post Doctoral training at spatial sciences Laboratory, Texas A&M University, USA on SWAT & GHGs modeling (DNDC) to pursue advanced research on GHG emission reduction from rice ecosystems and developed the methodology for quantifying carbon off sets from rice fields due to biofertilization (Cyanobacteria and Azolla).

Dr.Lakshmanan is responsible for developing Azolla green and dry feed technologies for livestock and poultry birds and based on his recommendation, the Department of Animal husbandry is providing subsidy to Azolla. Dr.Lakshmanan has been nominated as India representative for the Azolla Foundation. ( Lakshmanan and his team are the pioneers in quantifying carbon sequestration by Azolla-Algal systems in rice fields and this would help to promote ecofriendly agro technologies under carbon trading plat form.

Developed Integrated nature based wastewater treatment process (Trickling bio filter + Nature based filter bed + Constructed wet land and peat filter) for the treatment of composite effluent from baby canal of Kalingarayan basin, Erode in collaboration with Norwegian Institute of Bio economy Research (NIBIO), Water Resource Department, Government of Tamil Nadu. Based on the recommendation, the baby canal operation was initiated by WRD, Erode during 2014-15.

Dr.Lakshmanan visited and developed research tie ups with international institutions such as IRRI, The Phillipines, University of Reading, UK, Spatial Sciences Laboratory, Texas A&M University, USA, National Institute of Bio economy Research, Norway, International Pacific Research Centre, Hawaii, USA and NASA Goddard Centre, USA. Training on Transmission Electron Microscope at FEI University, Einthoven, Amsterdam helped Dr.Lakshmanan to initiate studies on Nano remediation and bio safety of nano particles. For the first time, Dr.Lakshmanan and his team have developed green synthesis protocol to synthesize ZVI NPs using Azolla and this would help in bioremediation of heavy metals from contaminated eco systems and waste waters.

Dr.Lakshmanan has more than 50 research publications and guided 15 students.